Rhodies in the Yard


I’ve played quite a bit with this one.    Just last night, I figured out what I needed to do to get it the way that I wanted.   Finally done.


Leaf on Mossy Alder


While getting things ready for my 70th birthday, I futzed around with this.   Holy crap, can I really be this old.  Honestly, during the Cold War I never thought I’d make it out of my 30’s.   Birthday is in a few days.

Venerable Redwood Rootball


I’ve been working on this technique for several months.   It’s a combination of Lightroom for getting the photograph tuned, Corel Painter to fashion the image, and Photoshop to fine tune the final image.   I’m really excited how well this turned out.   All the planets must have been aligned just the right way.  Click image for larger view.

Big Monet


This was my second time at L’Orangerie.   The first time, I was overawed by the Monets that I didn’t realize that there was much more upstairs.  Oops.  This time, there was a wonderful cubist exhibit.

The guard here had her head down like she was dozing.   There must have been two dozen people pointing their smartphones at the Monets.   Several times, I was photographing people looking at paintings through their smartphones and not looking up.