Medici Fountain ala Deep Dream


After not paying attention to Google’s Deep Dream AI program for two years, I’m back playing with it.  The gold accents are what comes from DD.   The dimensionality comes from a bump map.  Fun stuff!


Big Monet


This was my second time at L’Orangerie.   The first time, I was overawed by the Monets that I didn’t realize that there was much more upstairs.  Oops.  This time, there was a wonderful cubist exhibit.

The guard here had her head down like she was dozing.   There must have been two dozen people pointing their smartphones at the Monets.   Several times, I was photographing people looking at paintings through their smartphones and not looking up.

“Hand Tint Duotone” d’Eiffel

I really didn’t want to go to the Eiffel Tower on March 14. But, I had read that there was to be a “race” of vintage cars starting there. There was no sign of them. I saw some convertible Jags with union jacks covering them which were a tour company. The drivers had no idea what I was talking about. So, here I was.

Le Défenseur du Temps


In 1981, I saw this clock for the first time. I was amazed and watched it for an hour. The man swung the sword; the dragon climbed; the rooster crowed; the crab crawled. I stumbled across it again last month when I was walking over to Rue St. Denis to see the covered passages. What I found was a beautiful four meter tall mechanical clock that the city of Paris has left broken since 2003. To see how this marvel came about, please see