Serenity & Chaos on the East Fork


Two spots on the East Fork of Willow Creek within a spit and a holler of one other. Also, 1.3 seconds versus 0.0025 seconds.



“Jess, I Love Us”


Pam and I went shooting this week at Helena and French Creek.

Wikipedia describes Helena, “Helena is located on the North Fork of the Trinity River 10 miles (16 km) west-northwest of Weaverville. The community was settled in 1851 as a mining camp. It was known as Bagdad, North Fork, and The Cove before its post office opened in 1891; the post office was named Helena after the postmaster’s wife.”

Several abandoned buildings, a two story freestanding chimney, and a lovely day. What more could anyone want.



This is our cook at the White Wolf Lake Hunting Camp a few miles south of the Arctic Circle in the Northwest Territory. In the morning, she would tell me how many lake trout to catch for dinner that night. The lake is ice-free for only a few months of the year making the water very cold. We wore float suits whenever we went out in boats. Photograph was taken with film in September, 2006.