Beware the Caymans!


Costa Rica Finca
I shot this photo from a cliff above a river on a friend’s finca in Costa Rica. We were admonished not to go down to the river as there were many caymans there. Picture was shot with Fuji Reala film as was the previous post’s image.


Road from Monteverde, Costa Rica


Road from Monteverde
There was a good reason why our friends loaned us there new Great Wall pickup and said, “Have fun.” They didn’t want to go up this road again. The Mayans must have built it. The road was “paved” with what looked like monster cobblestones that felt like they would shake the truck apart at anything over 10mph. It was definitely worth the ride up. Didn’t feel like it on the ride down. The rain forest was beautiful, lots of hummingbirds, and saw a couple of coatimundis.