Redwood Bark


Last month, I went camping in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park for a couple of days with Tom and Marc, two other photographers.    I hadn’t been camping in a very long time.  The biggest challenge for me was changing clothes in a backpacking tent.


New and Old in Prairie Creek


Went camping in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park a couple of days ago.  This strangely colored fern caught my eye and then the dandelion puff.    More will be coming.  Maybe some redwoods, too.

Redwood Bark

“Murmuring out of its myriad leaves,
Down from its lofty top, rising two hundred feet high,
Out of its stalwart trunk and limbs—out of its foot-thick bark,
That chant of the seasons and time—chant, not of the past only, but the future.”

— Walt Whitman