The way I saw it …


A couple of years ago, I drove the Fandango Pass road east to west. This was one of the main routes that easterners used to reach the gold country in the 1850’s. As one of my ancestors had come this way, I wanted to see what it was like. Parts of it were steep, some scenic, and some just surprising like this image.

When I came around a bend near the end of the pass, I came upon this barn. It was black … like evil black. I stopped and took photos. When I got home and started to process the images, the photo didn’t look at all like what I saw. It just looked like an old barn. It’s has taken me, on and off, two years to get the image to appear like what I saw.

Yes, the two big birds on the roof peak are Canada Geese.


Le Défenseur du Temps


In 1981, I saw this clock for the first time. I was amazed and watched it for an hour. The man swung the sword; the dragon climbed; the rooster crowed; the crab crawled. I stumbled across it again last month when I was walking over to Rue St. Denis to see the covered passages. What I found was a beautiful four meter tall mechanical clock that the city of Paris has left broken since 2003. To see how this marvel came about, please see