Dry Lagoon

This is a study in excess. Because I was shooting into the sun, I needed to use HDR. Also, I wanted to make sure it was sharp all over. I captured a 9 exposure HDR for each of the foreground, mid-distance, and background. The resulting 3 image were then focus stacked into a resultant image. Done. But, then I was giving a presentation on Deep Dream in a Zoom EPUG meeting and decided to show what a default style would bring. This is what I got when I combined with the photograph. Prescience in Deep Dream? Who knew?

Willow Creek High Water

Please click for larger image

Willow Creek Campground all provides great opportunities for photographs. No matter which season, there’s always something interesting. This is 1/5sec exposure at f22. Contrast was added to better show the water flow. Thanks for looking, Hal

Resighini Rancheria Ghost Casino

After shooting all morning in Chetco Park, we headed south and stopped at the Resighini Casino which is just off 101 south of the Klamath River. Abandoned, but curiously enough with the air conditioning running. At our monthly D’Art meeting, Bosha brought in some work she’d done at a Wabi Sabi workshop in Mendocino. Not my cup of tea. But, it got me to playing with a photo of this casino. And this is what happened. As usual, click on image for a more detailed version.

Terrific Fastfood in Paris

I like these guys. A friend and I stopped here and ordered fallafels and frites. They handed me a bag and we took off back to the apartment. In the bag were only fries. Off I went back. Huge line when I got there. Went to the front of the line and the guy taking orders said, “Why did you leave without your fallafels? I was running after you but you didn’t hear me.” They made up fresh ones and off I went. Delicious dinner.