New Year’s Forest Maple



Dry Lagoon

This is a study in excess. Because I was shooting into the sun, I needed to use HDR. Also, I wanted to make sure it was sharp all over. I captured a 9 exposure HDR for each of the foreground, mid-distance, and background. The resulting 3 image were then focus stacked into a resultant image. Done. But, then I was giving a presentation on Deep Dream in a Zoom EPUG meeting and decided to show what a default style would bring. This is what I got when I combined with the photograph. Prescience in Deep Dream? Who knew?

Rough & Ready Creek, Oregon


My last photo shoot of 2016 was at one of my favorite places, Rough and Ready Creek near Cave Junction, Oregon.   Pam Cone and I took a day trip up there a couple of days ago.  I’d been talking about it for years.   The temperature was a couple degrees above freezing.  We were prepared and didn’t feel it.   The day before, where I’m standing was under water.  Great timing!   There is high fog in this picture and the mountains in the background are obscured.

Happy New Year!