On the road to Weaverville

I live within a very few miles of the Pacific. Average winter temperature is about 55. Average for the summer is 65. Weaverville is inland a bit on Hiway 299. The temp is about 30 degrees warmer than here. For us, it’s fascinating because of their love of their history. They relish it. On the way, at Willow Creek, we follow the Trinity River east to Junction City. Then it’s just over the hill into Weaverville.

Beautiful Day On Bald Hills Road

Did a nice 140 mile loop up to Orick, over to Weitchpec, lunch in Willow Creek, then home. We left at 7am. Started photographing at 8. Shot this at 9:46 (thank you EXIF data) with a 3rd hand Sony A7 and Canon 24-105 lens.

The color work on the image was accomplished with Flypaper textures, hue shifts, and lots of mask work.